TILBURG The country of the lion is lazy. A lazy male lion; too lazy to capture his own food. We rather do things we like and ofcourse as easy as possible, without too much effort. However, if we really have to work, we try to stimulate the laziness from our beautiful Dutch people as long as we still have enough energy to get our purses ready.

‘Good music is certainly coming to us, we don’t have to do anything for it’, it seems the people are thinking this way. Lazy, but who cares? As long as it feels good there’s nothing to be afraid of, is it?

I’m 20 years old now. It doesn’t surprise me the fact that people who are older than me are thinking, good music is coming to you, without doing anything. That institution worked well to few years back. Woodstock didn’t arise, Woodstock stood as a pole in the water, in a small lake. Impossible to miss.

In the big ocean of music nowadays it’s difficult to be attractive as a little musician. ‘They’ make good use of that. A competition, Who screams the loudest? The winners reach the lazy ones. After that, they earn a lot of money, so ‘they’ can start being lazy again, sit back and relax in your golden chair.

Music TeleVision broadcasts only pregnant teenagers that were too lazy to buy condoms. The purpose of radio is playing a popular song as long and as often as possible, to earn as much as possible. Lazy, but isn’t that right? The average listener just wants easy tunes and feelgood background music with a sultry voice and commercials. Because we are lazy, good music is sinking to the soil to be found. Only a few dare to fish in the deep water. Lazy.

Niels van der Putten