The reading, dark, extra ordinary,honest, writing, free, singing, drinking, striking, wild, insane, charismatic, pioneering and now death icon James Douglas (Jim) Morrison.

At the age of four years, Jim witnessed a car crash in the dessert. For him this wasn’t just a incident, the impact of it was huge. For him this incident was one of the most formative events of his life. He kept reffering to this incident in his songs, poems and interviews. ‘Indians scattered all over the highway, bleeding to death’ (‘peace frog’ and ‘ghost song’). Jim said he saw a dead Indian by the side of the road, but his family doesn’t recall the incident happening in the way he told. He enjoyed telling that story and exaggerating it.

Jim started reading work of philosophers and poets at a very young age. He was inspired by reading poems. The influence of several poets and philosophers are apparent in Jim’s own way of  writing.

In 1964 he moved toLos angelesto attend the UCLA, the place he met Ray Manzarek.  After graduating he lived on a rooftip of a building. At This place he wrote lyrics of many of the early songs from the Doors, like ‘Moonlight drive’ and ‘Hello i love you’. One day he sat on the beach with his friend Ray Manzarek. The shy Jim sang ‘Moonlight drive’. Ray was impressed by Jim’s poetic Lyrics and was convinced they should start a band. Jim and Ray were the first two members of the doors, thereafter guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore joined them. Jim came up with the name ‘’The Doors’’. He took the name from the title of Aldous Huxley’s book ‘’The Doors of perception’’ which was a quote of William Blake‘’If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would Appear to man as it is, infinite’’.

Jim wrote a lot of songs for his band, so did Robby, but Jim never really played an instrument (just a little piano). Robby asked Jim ones, ‘Why must there always be the death part in lyrics? (this case light my fire, second verse) Jim answered ‘’First you got the love part, after that the death part, it’s perfect!’’, Robby admitted.

In 1967, Joel Brodsky took some photos of Jim, in a photoshoot known as ‘’The Young Lion’’. Out of these pictures came the most iconic images of Jim Morrison. Jim was a heavy drinker and used several drugs in daily life, aswell before he went on stage (or just on stage). Jim was in his own World on stage, he was not afraid. Things like drugs and alcohol stimulated him to enter his own World. He loved to shock his spectators with unpredictable things, as a reaction to get a lot of attention of his spectators. Not only the spectators were surprised by the way Morrison present himself, his band was too. Jim was unpredictable for his band, but they never stopped him in the things he wanted to do or say on stage, they just kept going. Everyone was curious what he wanted to tell, what he wanted to share and what he meant.  There was no way stopping Jim on stage, he  Expressed himself in any way, ‘Jimself’. He expressed his  Critic vision on social points like the war in  Vietnamand the authorities or sexual things. Jim and His band expressed the dark side of Flower Power. Jim said in an interview ‘’songs from The Doors express the pure unbounded joy’’. Jim was in higher spirits, in his own element and the people who fitted that element, liked it. Jim made an anagram for his own name ‘’Mr Mojo Risin’’, switch these letters and you will get Jim Morrison. This anagram is used in the song ‘LA Woman’ as a metaphor.

The mystery behind Jim, the  insanity, the unexpected Morrison breaking the  boundaries on stage,  that was not just visiting a Music  concert. It was entertainment, people came to the concerts  to see Morrison going insane.

Jim; ‘’Father’’, ‘’yes son?’’, ‘’I want to kill you’’. ‘’Mother, i want to fuck you’’ (from the song ‘’the  End’’).   Jim started not showing up for recording sessions and was often late (or too much under influence) for  Live performances. He was destructing himself but also his band, what caused problems in the band.  Morrison got arrested once for indecent exposing and caused more problems for the band while Jim was being Jim on stage. The band suffered by Jim’s attitude, as a result of  that The Doors became underdogs, more than they  were before. They already said The Doors’ music  was music for the ‘’different’’, but because of these  happenings it became a band for the insane.

It went from bad to worse with Jim, mentally and physically. He wanted to stop with the band, so he did. He moved toPariswith his wife Pam to focus on writing Poems. His band and other friends didn’t hear much  from him, and when they called he sounded sad. Jim died at the age of 27, but the reason why he died is Still unclear. Maybe an overdose of drugs in combination with physical problems, officialy noted a heart attack.

‘This is the end’… for our lizard king. His present isn’t gone yet, it never will be. His spirit is still haunting in this world, for everyone who wants, for everyone who  loves and for everyone who hates. For everyone who listen to The Doors Jim is still there, still in the Music, still in his metaphorical and poetic lyrics, the haunting spirit, still in your head, still being that Jim he was.

‘This is the stangest live i have ever known’ (Waiting for the sun)  with an Mysterious death, it adorns  him.

RIP [December 08, 1943 — July 03, 1971] to the lizzard king that can do anything, Jimbo, James Douglas, Mr Mojo Risin Jim Morrison.

Niels van der Putten