Hi there, because we are a new online magzine let me introduce us to you. We’re students from the school of International Event Music and Entertainment Studies. We wrote this magazine and all it’s articles about the music industry, because we’re all very interested in this subject. The articles you will find in here include the following subjects: In our interview with the band back at seven you will find some very interesting details about a relationship between 2 members of the band. Frank Jacquot, who wrote the interview also wrote an article about the curse of 27. Here he talks about how a lot of great musicians died at the age of 27. Including Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison. There is another article about Jim morrison, written by Niels van der Putten. About how music influenced the live of Jim Morrison. One of our editors Maxime Renier wrote articles about the band only seven left and an article about how much influence the fans of a band have. We also need to keep up with everything musical that goes around in the world today so every week there will be an article including the latest news about the music industry, this week you get to hear what Jessie J has to say about talent shows on television. Jesse Marks wrote a review about the concert of the fleet foxes that was held on 29 november 2011. Followed with an article about the upcoming folk revolution. We can not miss columns in our magazine, we’ve even got two. The columns this week are very critical and worth your reading, thanks to the amazing opinions of Denise de Wolff and Niels van der Putten. Ending this magazine there is an article about how to become famous, so hopefully our next article or issue will be about you!

Instead of with love I say to you with music,
Ylona willems
Chief editor